Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sculptures by the sea

Another great early evening spent down at Cott beach at sculptures by the sea.
Finished of by watching the sunset eating fish-n-chips

book warm

I love how my bubba just loves books
she grabs one,
get her little thumbs near the page,
opens the pages and
starts reading
Yes in my eyes she is just amazing,
so smart and already skipping year 2 reading

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sinapore Sling

Kate and I headed off to Singapore for a family holiday.
Bub is a great traveller (except when mum accidentally let her fall off things).

 View from the Apartment
Going for a stroll along the river
Hanging out with the locals at the Raffles Hotel
The amazing view from the top of the 3 prong boat thing you see in all the photos, Marina Sands
The best baby trolley at the Singapore airport,
grab one here if you are ever travelling with a baby, it's a life saver