Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Better late than never

May in June, it a nice blend I say.
Time to finally finish these photos, Photo a day in May.
YES I did take them but I got too slack to actually post them up here.
So here goes, up to number:
19. A favourite place - the local park

20. Something you can't live without - coffee in my new coffee machine (for my birthday today)

21.where you stand - cold

22. Pink

23. Technology

24. Something new -  kates bike seat

25. something unusual

26. Time 

27. Something sweet - this smile

28. weather today - I admit no photo today but it Perth WA, there is always a blue sky no matter if it's cold, wet or windy :)

29. A number - One! Kates 1st birthday

30. My Personality - I like to be silly and have fun - old photo, its been on facebook so it will be stuck in the big wide net forever so why not here too :) (up in the Alps)

31. Something Beautiful - not a photo from May but it is a beautiful thing to see this for the first time


Monday, June 18, 2012

birthday decorations

I was also busy making some pom poms.
Fun and so easy to make, and so cheap a $1 pack of tissue paper makes one of these big fluffy balls of fun.
I just watch a you-tube tutorial for a quick understanding of how easy it was.
And here they are;
  fold tissue paper like this

 an artistic close up, to look all arty

 the finished pom poms
No actual birthday shots from the day, to caught up in the excitment.

birthday cake making

I have been a bit slack with my blogging, not even finishing my May a day photo challenge. I did take the photos now to up load them before June.

Anyway, here is why I was busy in May, my bubba turned 1, which meant the start of making kids birthday cakes, sounds fun and creative. But I soon realised I have a lot to learn, luckily she won't remember her cakes till maybe 5yrs old? I have time to improve.

  The Balloon birthday cake
The idea came from this fine young graphic designer here

Hip horrah

yum yum yum in my tum