Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Before and After - Sidetable

Yes I have FINALLY finished my sidetable, I'm so excited to have it done and actually in the house been used and not sitting out in the rain for the spiders to play in.
It took a while to finally finish but during that time I did change my mind about stains, wallpapers etc
I just love timber and how a drab piece of furniture just needs some TLC of stain, varnish and paint and Da Dahaaaa you have put life back into it :)
Here is the before photo of the side table again:

I spent a longtime sanding and gluing the wood veneer back on, I was hoping to have a lovely timber unit but the veneer on the door and drawers couldn't be saved. So I decided to be brave and Wallpaper the doors and add some colour paint to the drawers. Im so glad I did I loved the whole wallpaper shopping, not the gluing though.
And now the after photos:
 It fits perfectly in the house, from the road side to my loving living room

 I love how the stain/varnish brought the timber back to life, I just adore the colour

 All the handles where attached, I didn't want to add new ones as the old style seemed to fit perfectly. Just a quick scrub and spray paint and they look as good a new.

I'm excited to give this side table a new home and secretly excited that it's road side collection again in our area, I wonder what I can find this time. Not sure the hubby will be too happy with another cabinet in the carport.