Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinterest challenge

While over at one of my favourite blogs a few weeks ago, I spotted this pinterest challenge they created for there mates. So true how we can spend hours pinning away, cause there is so much amazing inspirational things out there in the big wide web, yet not do any off them (well I know I don't)
But the challenge is to actually do something that you have pinned.
Yep just do it (like Nike). So I did.
My first one was this;

Yes cleaning my Microwave, and it worked. No chemicals in site oh and no photo to show of my finished product, haha Im just proud I actually did a challenge and have a clean microwave too.

It did get me inspired to do more, my next one was this:

Photos of bubba being one and yes I have lots, maybe too many photo.
Our little fun photo shoot down at the park, bubba showing of her new trick; walking.

Mr Chicken

Finally my bubba enjoys sitting with me to read a book. It so cute, she has her little finger ready to point at anything and everything. She love old McDonald's farm, animals are always a hit.
But the favourite for the month is Mr chicken goes to Paris, I spotted it at the library it looked funny and it is.

Mr Chicken Goes to Paris
Now to hide it for the day or she will want to read it over and over. We love Mr Chicken but not that much.
I do know two little girls living in Paris at the moment who will love it, thankfully Book depository have it yippee, Im sure they will love a surprise gift from the Aunt in the post.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Insecure mum

Insecure is a word that I seem to describe myself with, not that people who know me would use it.
As a new mum it pops up in my head more often than I like, thankfully a friend mentioned this blog a while ago and scrolling through it I found this, why you can't afford to be an insecure mum 

Side table makeover

Finally this Side table which was saved from the verge rubbish collection is now finally getting some love.
It been a long time coming, I mean this blob was going to be an amazing before and after blog showing all these amazing pieces of furniture that I've saved from the tip and turned into treasure.

My Hubby can tell you I'm defiantly saving a lot of pieces but not turning them into treasure, just yet.
It's a start and Im getting excited about this piece getting finished, my deadline is to have it in the house before my mum gets home from her big trip OS, that leaves me with 3 1/2 weeks, sounds like a lot but with the cold weather and very active bub there is very little time left.

Here is a BEFORE shot of my Sidetable:

and a progress shot, adding lots of colour and Im loving it.
I can't wait to see this finished, It's like my little baby, not that I would want a 2 year pregnancy.