Monday, August 9, 2010

travel friends

Some of my 'now' favorite sites over the last few weeks have defiantly helped me with my travel plans.
What did we ever do with out Trip advisor?
We had our trusty Lonely planet, and we  took the risk and arrived at the destination and hoped for a place with a decent bed and shower. It does take the fun out of finding a place,
but the best stress relief when you know what to look forward.

And training it any where around the world? Thanks Man in Seat61
Forget a Euro pass, this is the best site for cheap train ticket, you can book online and even print your ticket out, pity I'm a bit rusty on the old' German to read the ticket.

And there is even a site to tell you the best seat to site on the plane,
I'm always on the look out for extra leg room.

THanks Mr Internet for all your help... now to count down the days.

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