Friday, October 1, 2010

100% Design

I had the opportunity to see the London Design Festival
and do they know how to have a festival.
Things happening everyday and scattered through-out the city of London, eek i was excited and exhausted by the end of it :)
I was lucky enough to find a design enthusiast Hester B to drag along to the different places i picked out and got the chance to show her around some of my favourite spots in London.

 it was big and there where stall everywhere
How cute are these I think i need one in my lounge

 Super cute present, a knitted dog and a do-it-yourself kit as well

 I heart all things felt at the moment

 I love these foam lights, i just need a house with a high ceiling

 my design buddy Hester, loved collecting all the brochures

 woodwall art, hmm i could see that on my wall too

craft stalls that went on forever


bronya said...

awesome nat that looks like great fun ... that's one serious craft fair ...

Mandy said...

oh i'm jealous.
looks fantastic!