Friday, November 12, 2010


Oh there hard to keep especially when there happy exciting ones.
And I have one.. shall i blog now or later, wait till hmm when, the right time?

Well I need to get it off my chest,
Im Pregnant!  arh there i said it :)
It exciting news in this little house


Melinda said...

WOW! What a little miracle. He/she seems to be chilling, relaxing back like she/he on a sun lounge! All the best and God's blessings x

Mandy said...

oh congratulations sweety! we must catch up in person to have a celebratory (non alcoholic) drink sometime.
what a blessing!

alyssa b said...

congratulations, that's very exciting news :) ... may God grant you a wonderful pregnancy

T and K said...

Wonderful news, many congrats. Hope all goes well during the pregnancy.

Kifus said...

What wonderful news! Congratulations!