Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I blinked and she is 3 months

Time is flying one minute Im posting a 3 week photo the next a 3 month.
Here I am wanting to have a blob to look back on to see what life was like for my first year as a mum.
Now that I feel I'm on top of things I will have to stop procrastinating and start blogging :)
I even have a fun screen printing project to do and show on here.


round about brouwers said...

She is just the cutest little dolly!!!! Hope you had a great time with Yvette last week. :-) jealous she got cuddles!! haha. Time flies with the little ones... hard work but I'm sure you would agree that you wouldn't change it for the world!!

bronya said...

she is adorable - you are right, she is definately growing up fast ... love the photo xx