Saturday, September 3, 2011

My little Princess

Little miss went to her first Ballerina party the other week.
So I decided to make her a tutu, not just any tutu but one fit for a princess.
I used the very easy knot tutu design, here is one blog with a great step by step instructions, only wish I knew where to find tulle on a roll.

 detail of the knots and the pretty colours

all finished with a matching top 

Little miss trying it on for size, I think she likes it
of course there are no picture of her on the day looking like a princess


Lucy said...

That is one gorgeous tutu! And of course she is an absolute dolly.

bronya said...

love that nat ... she is so cute ... i can't believe you didn't take any photos on the day - naughty ... keep up the fantastic mum work natty ...