Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Better late than never

May in June, it a nice blend I say.
Time to finally finish these photos, Photo a day in May.
YES I did take them but I got too slack to actually post them up here.
So here goes, up to number:
19. A favourite place - the local park

20. Something you can't live without - coffee in my new coffee machine (for my birthday today)

21.where you stand - cold

22. Pink

23. Technology

24. Something new -  kates bike seat

25. something unusual

26. Time 

27. Something sweet - this smile

28. weather today - I admit no photo today but it Perth WA, there is always a blue sky no matter if it's cold, wet or windy :)

29. A number - One! Kates 1st birthday

30. My Personality - I like to be silly and have fun - old photo, its been on facebook so it will be stuck in the big wide net forever so why not here too :) (up in the Alps)

31. Something Beautiful - not a photo from May but it is a beautiful thing to see this for the first time


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