Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinterest challenge

While over at one of my favourite blogs a few weeks ago, I spotted this pinterest challenge they created for there mates. So true how we can spend hours pinning away, cause there is so much amazing inspirational things out there in the big wide web, yet not do any off them (well I know I don't)
But the challenge is to actually do something that you have pinned.
Yep just do it (like Nike). So I did.
My first one was this;

Yes cleaning my Microwave, and it worked. No chemicals in site oh and no photo to show of my finished product, haha Im just proud I actually did a challenge and have a clean microwave too.

It did get me inspired to do more, my next one was this:

Photos of bubba being one and yes I have lots, maybe too many photo.
Our little fun photo shoot down at the park, bubba showing of her new trick; walking.

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round about brouwers said...

oh I love the 'one' photos!!! gorgeous!! (I'll have to remember that one for Isaac!!) :-)