Monday, July 12, 2010

another challenge - do I dare

Shall I set another challenge up, do I dare?
does anyone read this, not that I mind if you don't wipe tears,
considering I'm too busy reading all the other amazing blogs out there to even think of what to put on here or even to start with my reno jobs.

Well I'm setting a challenge for myself and for anyone that's reading this :)
Ive been thinking of making soup and we all know you can't beat your own mum's homemade soup. Trust me Ive tried to make her chicken and vegie soup but it just doesn't have that mum touch to it.

My challenge is to make a pot of soup this winter,
but doing it the easiest and yummiest way possible.
Hot homemade soup! Send in your best and easiest soup recipe!
We will all be winners with a handful of yummy soup recipes to try and the recipe'er (is that a word) gets to set the blog challenge,
lets hope we get some soup recipes..
cause im getting hungry typing this.


alyssa b said...

been looking for a simpler soup recipe, so i will go a searching and a soup-cooking and hope i can get something posted ... i had every intention of participating in your last challenge, it just didn't happen ... i LOVE your lamp

nutty natty said...

ha-ha don't worry, I had to force myself to do my own challenge, just not good motivating weather, defiantly soup weather :)

bronya said...

love this challenge ... i am not a good soup maker ... i really want to try a 'slow cooker' soup - whack it all in and come home to lovely yummy soup ... none of my soups ever taste too good - I try to put too much in a bit of spice here a bit of this there and it turns into a horrible overpowering cacophony of flavour ... so i'll now get on to doing some soup searching ...

T and K said...

Well here is my chicken soup receipe.

alyssa b said...

hi nat ... i went a little soup crazy ...