Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soup - Winner

Soup on a winters day, yummo.
The smell of soup simmering on the stove is even better.
Thanks for the soup recipes girls. I can't believe A made so many different soups in one week.
And K with her yummy soup, it hard not to love a good homemade chicken soup!
but the winner is A, she defiantly went soup crazy check out all her recipes here
I even got inspired and made the potato and leek soup, it was so yummy I forgot to take photos of the finish product. I always love an easy recipe and one that you can alter too.
So I can finally pass the blog challenge baton on to you A, good luck.


alyssa b said...

thanks nat :)

bronya said...

yay ... a worthy winner ... I must make soup one of these days ... those ones sound soooo yummy ...