Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog frustration

I very excited to have won Mandy's blog challenge (YEAH)! but right now I'm being challenged with my own blog..
why does my text continue in one long line? my 'returns' aren't showing up? my 'paragraphs'are gone?... help, gulp not too good with the HTML.

I have a challenge all ready to go for my lovely readers, oh and its a fun one too,

but I need to tackle this one first.. so bare with me while I search the net for some advice..


T and K said...

Hi Nat, just wondering if something is wrong with your blog. It says that your 'before and after challenge' can not be found. Just wondering.

nutty natty said...

I have posted the challenge but have deleted it cause the text is sitting all funny. I will try again, Im just hoping "wheres pooki' can fix it :)