Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Share the joy project

Ive accepted another blog challenge from the winner Mandy, she won the foodie challenge from Bron, worthy winner for sure.

The challenge is to list 10 'little' things that bring you joy.

It was hard at first, but once you get started it was easy, the hard part is cut it down to 10.
So here goes:

1. Hearing my nieces and nephews say ‘yeah aunty Natwee’s here.
2. Hoping into a warm toasty car, even in summer.

3. A good old scratch. (my good friend L will understand this)
4. Putting my cold feet between my husbands legs.
5. Looking at old photos and wonderful memories.
6. Having a big extended family – the fun we have with 80+ cousins.
7. Achieving things I never expected I could do (swim 1.9k for busso 1.2 ironman).

8. Girlfriends who listen, laugh, cry and fart with you, farting is always a good sign there good friends.
9. Talking to my favourite Aunty on the phone for hours.
10. White silky sand between my toes.


Kifus said...

Hi Natty. I can so relate to your list. Especially 3 and 4.

A lovely Thursday to you!

christine said...

great list - a worthy winner.
no. 8 just cracks me up!

bronya said...

go nat! go nat! ... nice job ... now it's your turn to carry the torch and continue the bloggy journey ...
i agree with mandy - i love the pic - so cute ...
and your the bomb at #7 - you are always trying new stuff, like belly dancing and jewelry making and screen printing and the list could go on ...