Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before and After Challenge

Wow I won Mandy's share the joy challenge,
exciting indeed considering the last time I won any thing, it was a colouring competition for the Saturday paper when I was 12.
Now the challenge for me is to come up with yet another inspiring challenge for everyone (well for the few that read this).

At the moment I love blogs that show before and after shots.
The kitchen renovation, the newly painted op shop mirror etc…

So my challenge to you is to create a before and after
just find something old, something borrow, (something blue something) something you have been meaning to ‘update’.
I don’t expect a who new kitchen reno from you. It could be that t-shirt you can’t throw out but just needs a little something to make it new again,
Or that blank canvas that would transform your room or that old chair you found on the street verge that needs some TLC…

Don’t be daunted by the challenge, I have seen some great examples out there:
Like this skirt which I love here.
And over here for these cute shirts for kids.
This lampshade – which I’m going to attempt.

You have till Monday 12th July. Winning prize is yet to be thought off, but they will get to create there own blog challenge.
(either post on your own blog —with a pretty pic – and place the link in the comments section. but if you are one of my non-blogging readers feel free to email me you photos and i can put them on my post - natpleiter@hotmail.com).


Amanda said...

would love to do something for this challenge, but time is not on my side!

Unknown said...

I have something I just havn't had the time to post anything yet. With us all being sick and school holidays. I will post it tonight... well hopefully tonight... I will.

Oh and I think the soup challenge is good now to so another soup since I did the my pumpkin soup for Bron's challenge.

Unknown said...

Ahhh, kids in bed and I have time to post this. http://precioustimestogether.blogspot.com/2010/07/before-and-after-challenge.html

Now to make my chicken soup, or maybe tomato meatball vegi soup...

nutty natty said...

great before and after K! i can see you selling them at the next craft fair maybe with some of Clare's chocolates :)